By Lindenberg Junior | Translation: Cristiane Magalhães

 jalapao brazilWe Brazilians sometimes leave Brazil on vacation in search of a different and far paradisiacal island in Oceania or the Caribbean, or a unique place like the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona in the U.S. We many times forget the greatness of the natural beauty of the country called Brazil, and that, the majority of the time, it is much less expensive to pay with the real (Brazilian Currency), and that we can enjoy something similar or even better than what we can find in foreign lands.

A good example is to explore the “Cerrado” in the “Parque Estadual do Jalapão” (State Park of Jalapão), a true adventure with its almost moon-like landscapes that can touch the soul of even the most insensitive individual. There you can find dunes of the finest orange sand, rivers of crystal clear water, waterfalls, lagoons, mountains with rocky formations, dry land, and even golden grass, yes grass with a golden color! It is a beautiful blend of the American Grand Canyon, the French Mont Saint-Michel, the African Savannas, the Sahara Desert and the Brazilian Northeastern Beaches. A mirage in the desert of the Tocantins!

The Jalapão is one of the newest travel destinations in Brazil for who like adventure and nature. It is located in the state of Tocantins and in the borders of the states of Bahia, Maranhão and Piauí. Despite difficult access, the Jalapão still maintains its original beauty and many Unities of Conservation with sustainable Tourism.

There isn’t any road signage, cell phones don’t work and there are no bars along the roads to Tourism “Jalapão”jalapao find a cold beer. Cars other than 4x4s can not get anywhere, and the best way to travel is to carefully plan the trip to be more secure. In the Jalapão you will only find immense virgin and unexplored nature.

The best option is to get the city of Palmas in the state of Tocantins and drive 190 km until reaching “Ponte Alta do Tocantins” where you can find the State Parks office support for your exploration.  If you prefer the work already done for you, another option is to contact specific Brazilian companies that facilitate your life in the exploration of the region such as, for example, Korubo Expeditions  

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