By Lindenberg Junior


A year or so ago, Roberto became another statistic. Due to a car accident in San Diego, he can’t live a full life. In Brazil, volunteers organized themselves to raise money for a stem cell treatment in Panama which had successful results but more needs to be done in order for Roberto to live fully as spinal cord recovery and physiotherapy is needed. Knowing the situation of Roberto’s family (due to a stroke, his father will no longer be able to assist him),  Jane Ceron, a Brazilian photographer living in San Diego, personally witnessed this heavyhearted scenario when she visited Roberto.


On her birthday she decided to throw a party in a club and invited her friends. What made the difference was the request from Jane for her friends to donate to Roberto’s cause instead of bringing

 gifts for her. Roberto himself also came in. Overwhelmed with the warm welcome, even his health complaints, a reason for his home confinement, were forgotten for a while.

 “It gave me joy to know that my friends could somehow help him, a gift for me! The party for sure had an invigorating and rewarding feeling! The way the Brazilians in San Diego make it so meaningful in such tragic moments… amazes me! I encourage others to get involved in promoting these types of events”, said Jane.

By doing so, Roberto’s chances of living a normal, active life may be soon. You can contact Roberto through email: Jane Ceron also works for Vons supermarket in San Diego for many years in the floral department.

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