jennifer 2Jennifer Penfield definitely looks like a “California Girl”, but she born in Syracuse/NY and currently live in Southern California. This “multi-task” American beauty has a Bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering, Minor in Music Performance and also a Bachelors/Masters in Exercise Science. She started martial arts during high school and loved it from the start, then became a competitor in tae kwon do in college.

She started learning to samba in the beginning of 2009 through Jonia McClenney, her Brazilian good friend and professional dance instructor. Jennifer has been strength training for awhile now and recently has shifted her focus to this training to developing a leaner and stronger body as well as simply seeing how far she can push herself and how heavy she can lift.

When we have asked her how often she practice martial art or strength training, Jennifer answer “ I practice martial arts randomly currently as my focus has shifted to strength training and samba dancing”. I take samba class from two to five times a week, depending on whether we have a show coming up. I lift five days a week and do cardio at least three days a week”.

Martial arts have helped her to develop balance and a very strong core. “It is great for developing “proprioception” (knowing where your body is and what it is doing) and also helps to develop the mind set needed to push yourself farther than you would normally think you could. Samba dancing is great cardio and the energy of the music is very uplifting! Strength Training is great for developing muscular, neurological, and skeletal strength. It is something that is very important to practice, especially for women, to prevent osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases”.

When we did talk about happiness and life, she said “what’s important is to feel good about yourself and what you are doing in life. To be thankful for what you have, what you have accomplished, and all the positive things that surround you. Happiness can’t be forced and often when you take a step back to look at the bigger picture you see that things aren’t so bad.”

Currently she planning to continue with her training, but have mentioned her intention to be an actress in action movies and utilizing her strengths and martial arts background. “One day I would love to be walking the Red Carpet, wearing a beautiful dress and smiling for the cameras!” We definitely can see her Hollywood success in years to come.

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