joaquina praia creditoMarinaRosa15 kilometers from the center of Florianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina state, at north/east direction, Joaquina Beach is one of the best known on Santa Catarina Island and is 3,000 meters long. “Praia da Joaquina” (aka Joaca, for the residents), is the beach of the high waves. Usually cold, they have already been dropped by big names in surfing, being the home of national and even world championships.

The surfing events, held since the 70s, gave Joaquina international recognition. As well as the neighboring Praia Mole, it gathers, in its majority, a young and sports public. But it is also frequented by families and several tourism excursions from Brazil and abroad. In summer, the sands of Joaca become the stage for events, many of them sporting. In addition to the beach and surfing, the dunes are also famous, considered the best of the south of Brazil. There was raised the sandboard, a kind of surf, but in the sand. Today, it is the main attraction of those who do not risk catching waves at sea. The cluster of rocks, located to the left of the beach, draws attention for the beauty and size of the rocks. It’s worth waking up early and waiting for the sunrise, which many people call singular.

Like Mozambique and Barra da Lagoa, Joaquina and Campeche beaches are connected by the same strip of sand. But, by geographical factor, Lagoinha Pequena is officially the starting point of the beach, which extends to Ponta do Retiro. Joaquina is surrounded by many dunes, which are very busy in high seasons.

Joaquina centroJoaquina has a length of 3,000 meters and a strip of sand between 8m and 80m. The sands are clear and fine. The waters have the same characteristics as the sea at Praia Mole; they are strong, brave and treacherous. Open to the Atlantic Ocean, the beach has a tumble, that is, just after the sweeping zone the depth can increase abruptly. This is because the bottom relief has a great slope.

The waves are strong and long, predominantly of the type dip (crate), and can take bathers out to sea or to the bottom, even if they are in the shallow. Just before and during high tide (new and full moons), the fountain is well understood, another peculiarity of this type of beach, and which also makes the sea bath even more dangerous.


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