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People often have a million things running through their heads about their work and home lives. Using a journal to keep track of your thoughts without being forced to try to remember everything is a way to clear your mind and reduce the stress of thinking about a million things you need to get done at once. This practice of introspective reflection, often referred to as “journaling,” can offer a powerful outlet for organizing thoughts and emotions.

Once you get a journal, write down all of the thoughts you’re having about things you need to do. Having these things written down on paper lets you sort through those thoughts and find what really matters.  Once you’ve done that, then you can prioritize the actions that need to be taken about it.

There are many different ways to organize and even decorate your journal. Make it into something fun and enjoyable for you so that you’ll look forward to writing in it and be more likely to keep up with it.
You could decorate the cover, or even the pages inside. If you want to combine a vision board with your journal, you can cut out images that represent your goals and glue them to the front to remind you of what your priorities are.

If you want a more simplistic, minimalistic approach, you can just write down your goals and thoughts on paper and think about how you’ll reach those goals. However, if you want a more fun and decorated journal you can try keeping a bullet journal.image journaling

In these types of journals, you can draw little doodles and write things in colorful letters. Keeping a more colorful journal will make you more interested to write in it and look at it. You may have much bigger goals that require more than a small amount of attention in a daily entry.

It could be anything that heavily impacts your life, like finances, relationships, nutrition, or fitness. For these topics, you can keep a separate journal to keep track of not only your goals, but your attitude towards the subject and your progress.

Seeing how far you’ve come from that first entry is extremely motivating and it shows you that your goals are achievable. Keeping a journal of any kind is a great way to sift through the noise in your head that often gets overwhelming and stressful.

Seeing your goals and thoughts written down on paper what your goals are helps to let you focus on the things that matter and lets you figure out how to best prioritize the things you need to do to achieve what you want.

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