15037217 10154758778952990 2569730309782908622 nJulia was born in Florianópolis, South of Brazil, raised in Rio de Janeiro and moved to Los Angeles to pursued her dream of become an actress and model. She was selected to represent Brazil during the Miss Pan-American International 2008 in L.A and in 2012 Julia moved to New York to work as a reporter for the Hollywood TV covering events in the show business.

She keeps her lean body practicing boxing twice a week. Julia says: “Boxing is a way to exercise my reflexes, but I also need a clear mind when I’m practicing it, so I am adept of yoga. In a way, both activities are like meditation to me but in different ways. Boxing works many parts of your body and it also helps release tension, and yoga makes you feel more relaxed through being more aware of your breathing and your body. Both combined make me have a fit body and be in harmony with who I am”, said Julia Melim.

She has lived by the beach most of her life and started body boarding when was 5 years old. When she moved to L.A, Julia was not be able to body board as much since she lived far from the beach in Hollywood. In New York the situation is almost the same. Julinha started learning how to surf in Hawaii year ago and when she has some free time, also likes to jump in the ocean.

“It’s important for me to be in touch with nature, so going into the sea makes me feel lighter, like I’m purifying my soul”, she add. Julia always tries doing an activity that she enjoys. For this Brazilian actress, model, and now reporter, in order to be happy she suggest being positive and sending out positive energy. “When you have a good attitude, good things happen and good people come to you” she completes. Julia plans to continue her career in the TV and cinema industry, be involved in more projects every day as well working towards immigration and human rights. She concludes by saying “I want to keep fighting for causes I believe in and keep doing what I love”.

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