By Jennifer Parker

SB65 Page 35 Soul in Shape Janaina Karla 600x464Soul Brasil had the pleasure of interviewing Juliana Karla Rast, the pageant winner of the Miss Brazil-USA Nevada 2013. A natural born beauty, originally from Campina Grande, state of Paraiba in northeast of Brazil, she keeps herself fit with her favorite activities like going to the gym, working out lifting weights, roller skating, and even hula hooping! Her dream is for a peaceful world that can all love each other like family.

When asked how she stays in shape, Juliana tells SB she started lifting weights for the past 2 years because it keeps her firm and toned. Although she has been active her whole life, she loves to change her fitness routines and try new things, like jumping on the trampoline, or alternating activities with walking or the stair-master. Sometimes her routines just depends on her mood and schedule, so she might work out a few times a week, or when possible, every day. Working out keeps her feeling great and happiness is one of the benefits of feeling good.

Soul Brasil asks which methods are the ideal for the best shape? Juliana works it by increasing and toning muscles, which increases lean muscle mass, and in turn, it even helps burn more energy and fat throughout the day. She recommends that increasing lean muscle mass creates the overall look of being in even better shape. “By lifting weights and adding lean muscle mass, it really helps me to be stronger, prevents me from getting too thin, and give me more energy” said Juliana. Other sports and activities she does just because she enjoys it! Hula-hooping, roller skating, doing fun things with your body, and being active helps you stay fit at the same time.

What is being happy mean to Juliana? For Juliana, being with the people she loves is being happy. Happiness is feeling the freedom to do all the things she enjoys doing. Having health and living in the moment are all part of her key to shining happiness. She suggests that being happy can come from living in the present, and not in the future. Just do it now! As we say, don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.

Her mantra is to “Live every day as if it was your last because you never know when that day will be”. Her future goals are to fulfill her dreams as a model, and any fun projects, like coming out with a line of fitness wear for women. She hopes to create a line of stylish and comfortable fitness wear that she would want to wear to the gym.

Later she dreams of having children with her husband. So who is the perfect man for her? Her ideal man is loyal, sincere, caring, intelligent, funny, a little sarcastic humor, and satisfies her both day and night. Luckily she has found this with her husband. When he conquered her – he did it by being gentle, caring, and the way he looked so sweetly at her. They could barely communicate in person at first, only on the computer with Google Translate.

As they spent time together, he conquered her again by being funny and making her laugh. He helps make her life lighter, makes her feel better when she’s down, and other moments a bomb. This natural beauty doesn’t have a routine life!

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