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adult 1850925 960 720Exercise is any particular form of physical activity and it’s a must to help you with your self-esteem and body image. Sure you can keep a slim body without exercising and there are some ways such as following a well balanced diet, but exercising is fundamental to help you with important things like slowing down the aging process…and your beauty!

We talked to Brazilian professional dancer and personal trainer Katia Vaz about moderate and vigorous exercising and the elements designed to better accomplish your goal. Here bellow Katia shared with us important facts.

How can you tell if an action is considered moderate or vigorous in intensity level? If you are able to talk although executing it, it’s moderate. If you have to stop to catch your breath after saying simply a couple of words, it’s vigorous. Depending upon your fitness level, a game of doubles tennis would likely be moderate in intensity level, although a singles game could be more vigorous. Also, ballroom dance would be moderate, however aerobic dance could be considered vigorous. Once again, it’s not simply your choice of activity, its how much effort it demands.

Ideally, an exercise regimen should include elements designed to better each of these components:

Cardio-Respiratory Endurance – Better your respiratory endurance – your ability to engage in aerobics, through actions like brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, jumping rope, rowing, or cross-country skiing. As you reach distance or intensity level goals, reset them higher or shift to a different action to keep challenging yourself.

Muscular Force – You are able to better muscular strength most efficiently by lifting weights, utilizing either free weights like barbells and dumbbells or lifting machines.

Muscular Endurance – Better your endurance with calisthenics (conditioning exercises), weight training, and actions like running or swimming.

Flexibleness – Work to better your level of flexibility through stretching exercises that are done as part of your exercise or through a discipline like yoga or pilates that contains stretching.

Although it’s possible to handle all of these fitness factors with a physically active life-style, an exercise program should help you accomplish even greater advantages. And increasing the sum of physical activity in your daily life is a great beginning! Try to parking a couple of blocks from your destination to get in a little walking. However to truly accomplish fitness goals, you’ll need to incorporate structured, vigorous actions into your schedule to help you accomplish even more of your fitness and health goals.

*Katia Vaz is a fitness trainer, posture expert, dance instructor and a professional samba dancer –

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