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MzKafi B Bella was a born in Port of Spain, Trinidad Tobago, and has had Carnaval in her blood as long as she can remember. Through her love of dance and holistic living, IF by Kafi was created with the intent to aid people in developing themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, to live their best lives. The “Interval Fitnessâ„¢ Training” classes combine the benefits of cardio dance and strength building techniques.

She has been fortunate to have the mentorship of several great dancers in California, in particular, Brazilian sambistas in Los Angeles including Valeria Ruggieri, Ana Laidley, and Jonia McClenney; to have participated in several dance companies such as the Mimulus Cia de Dança at the Dance School at Jacob’s Pillow and Raiz Brazil Dance Company.

MzKafi was the winner of 2010 Brazilian Summer Beauty Pageant (produced by Valeria Ruggieri) and the 2012 Santa Barbara’s Queen of Brazilian Carnaval (produced by Lindenberg Junior), and has lead the Mariano Silva Carnaval Group at the 2011 and 2012 Santa Barbara’s Solstice Parade.

Kafi dreams of one day visiting Brazil and to see as much as possible of the magical Brazil. She would like to experience the beaches and check out the roots of the samba in Rio, the advances in industry in Sao Paulo, as well the modern developments of dance and the roots of Afro-Brazilian culture in Bahia and Pernambuco.

“I am touched by the spirit of Brazilians and the Brazilian culture. In addition, to the strength of Brazilians as a people, I love how the diversity of the people is incorporated into the culture. So many aspects, of such varied backgrounds from the European to the African, to the Indigenous are seen in many aspects from life. From the various celebrations of carnaval, to the food and even the clothing, I think it is a beautiful thing to see different people come together and enjoy a common history, while being able to express their experience of it in their own way”.

Kafi also teach dance at the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center in Culver City/Los Angeles and during the summer of 2012 planning to start an online fitness show – www.IFbyKafi.com, while continues work also with her husband, Rich Bella in their new media company, FocusBella, and often uses her talent as an interviewer on “In Focus”, a lifestyle web show.

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