By Lindenberg Junior & Jennifer Parker

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Like many Brazilians full of dreams, Karina Nielsen came to the United States full of plans for a stronger future, living in a land of opportunities, both known and yet unknown. As Los Angeles is the “Entertainment Capital” Karima followed her dreams right to the middle of the city of entertainment.

Karima grew up in Barra (beach) when it was still a minor suburb of Rio de Janeiro. Before she started school, her parents moved to Recreio (Beach), a city in the outskirts, after Barra; which her dad saw as the next city of growth. It was lonely in a new community like this, no paved streets and not too many kids to play with. But really close to the ocean!

For Karima growing up as a teenager in a fast growing city and around new people and new opportunities can be a challenge as bad opportunities arose all the time and you have to choose your friends carefully. She says “I was lucky as I made it through my teenage years focusing on school and going to the beach as much as possible”.

Being a typical “carioca”, she started worked out still as a teen and believe will continues for her entire life. She starts goes to the gym almost every day, sometimes twice a day. As an “ocean lover” she also started walking on the beach at least for one hour and almost every day. Karima says “It is impossible to keep your body fit without a lot of working out, unless you are really lucky with your genes!” Still in Rio Karima starts to receive invitations to be a sports and fitness model and taking bikini photos.

She came to Los Angeles in 2009 after met her actual manager in Rio during the Carnival and receive an invitation to building a great career in America. “First I thought it was the usual tourist approach Brazilian girls, but he convinced me after 6 months of emails and phone calls that this would be the right thing for me” says Karima. She was introduced to photographer Fox Hall that encouraged Karima working on a calendar and it brought a stream of other offers.

One year later, Karima completed a calendar that will come out second half 2011, made videos with award winning movie Director Billie Woodruff, made a featured photo series for Unleashed magazine, participated in Miss Brazil USA and last but not least she landed a dream contract with a big clothing line.

Her planning for the future is the continues successful of her model career, to become a well known actress in a major feature movie, to be married and have a family of three children and lots of animals, mostly cats. To contact Karima:

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