38770635 10155978418003843 1675858670820261888 nThe petite dancer, choreographer, actress and fitness model Katia Vaz started to dance at age 2, and since then have been involved with over 30 different dance styles, from all type of Latin to Ballroom Dance and Hip Hop. “I always loved to exercise. It always made me feel great, full of life, sexier, and definitely more positive in every aspect of life”.

Born in Joao Pessoa, state of Paraiba in the Northeast of Brazil, and living in Los Angeles for many years now, Katia keep her fit and lean body combining cardio exercises, resistance and flexibility, plus a diet that consist of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, avoiding eat excess sugar, empty carbohydrates, fried foods and drink alcohol. As Katia is also a fitness model, she says “as a fitness model, your body is not only your temple; it is actually your source of income. You will have to keep your body in peak physical condition to be a successful model in this competitive industry”.

When we ask her what advice she can give for those planning “a new resolution” for loose some wait and have a better look, she simplifies it saying “Join a gym if you haven’t already. You will need to spend at least one hour in the gym every day, combining cardio and strength-training exercises. If you can afford, you should get a personal trainer at least in the initial process to help you stay in shape. And much important, if you are serious to get in shape, eat smart! As example, decrease the amount of food in your plate and/or replace high calories foods for a more healthy in low in calories foods. Get the balance and make this routine a life style!”

Katia have the “conscious living” life style, but sometimes in a while likes to eat “all favorites” food like the traditional Brazilian “Feijoada”, a black bean stew cooked slow and combining all types of pork meat, smoked sausages and dry beef. “I love Feijoada since when I was a little girl. As I am a determined person I did not bother to get out of my diet routine from time to time”. When not at the Gym or working, she enjoys life watching movies, reading great books and doing hiking with some friends.

When we asked her about her preference for men, she said “He must love dance and fitness. He has to be kind, sensitive, and very positive. Super intelligent is a must! Not forgetting funny. Sense of humor is very important for all of us to have fun. Color and origin does not matter to me, his heart and soul does”. Katia wish to be health and fit for life, plans building a nice family soon and has as a goal getting into her favorite show “Dancing with the Stars” as a professional dancer and winning the “Latin Ballroom World Championship”.

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