chess 316657 1280Here we will find short notes about how you can improve your business or your life. We have compiled important information thought different sources and ways. The winner is you, our reader and supporter.

You can have free video and voice e-mail with . Just start a free account with this very helpful tool and you can send up to three minutes of video or up to 10 minutes of audio to anyone (of course, you need a webcam and\or a microphone to create messages).

The best is that with this free service your inbox won’t be clogged with attachments as instead, the site sends an email with a link to your message. For sure an excellent way to stay in contact and still have a personal touch. If you need to convert a document or picture, video or music format from one type to another file conversion, became easy with the free tool service from

To protect your privacy and get your name deleted from online phone directories Smart Moves Keys of Success and other personal information use the site For free wireless internet wi-fi hot spots visit or For online cook measurements conversions as well temperatures, times zones and more visit . For know exactly how many miles you are jogging, walking or hiking, try To find ways to reuse, recycle or donate computer equipment visit www.epa. gov/e-cycling/basic.htm.

To create a free personalized radio station register with and let it know what kind of music you like. It will play songs from your favorite artists and than introduce you to new music. You have a choice to give each new song a thumbs up or down. Also create up to 100 radio stations for different moods. Instead of wading through pages of search engine results that you don’t want, go to for your enter a list of your favorite websites and make a search engine for only those sites.

When buying online from a catalog, check the overnight-shipping offer. The customer service policy may disclose a processing time of several days before the package is sent, which means that you will get your order in three days, not overnight. Regular shipping usually is between 4 to seven business days. If you would like to save with delivery prices, pick up best options from the top carriers at .The service is free and also you can print your own shipping labels and track the packages after you send them.

If you consider donation provides clothing for job interviews to low-income men and does the same for women. Also the National Cristina Foundation or gives laptops, desktops and printers to nonprofit agencies. If you have books Reader to Reader or gives them to schools. And if you have musical instruments, Hungry for Music or distributes used musical instruments to underprivileged children.

If you would like to support Soul Brasil magazine, you can visit our site and click donate on the left side of the main page to pay with C.C through Pay Pal. To keep Soul Brasil running up, we really need the support of our advertisers and readers. Each reader that makes a $50 minimum donation will receive 50% off for our annual new year evening party as well 1 year subscription to our online full version magazine.

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