By Julia Melim

If you’re like me and many people, and you have felt December is the time for a new beginning, it’s like New Year’s Eve came early for all of us in 2020 – this is the year of embracing the unknown. Usually, people wait until New Year’s to start writing down their resolutions, goals, wishes, and reinventing themselves, but this year has been the year of reinvention. We are all here to embrace change, adapt, evolve, and reinvent the life we didn’t realize was so fickle, as Elton John said, “Like a candle in the wind.”

Many of the structures we created began falling apart and we had to find innovative solutions. Leaving behind the life, relationships, work, career, situations that weren’t working. Let it go. However, to every crisis there’s a silver lining. It’s also been the year where people had the chance to follow their passion projects, their heart’s desire, and follow the life they always dreamed of – sometimes because that’s the only option. It’s life’s second chance.

It gives us a chance to look inside of ourselves, like a home renovation that was long overdue. We had to unclog the pipes, replace what wasn’t working and give it a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes literally – because never before the world has spent so much time at home. Also metaphorically, as in your home for your soul, as your temple – rethinking all the choices you made in life, it is a year for “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me and thank you.” It is a year to be grateful for all the lessons that this year brings, while pushing us forward into another level of awareness: the next level of our lives.

We found the courage we didn’t even know was there, like driving cross country, moving to a different city, leaving your job or having the strength to live with uncertainty each day. This is the year of courage, faith, and love. It is the year of trusting the universe and having faith. Allowing the Law of Attraction to raise our consciousness by turning inwards. Be it changing our morning routines, to include meditation, journaling, a walkout in nature. It was finally the year to stop and smell the roses.

This has been a year for self-reflection. Reflect on the legacy you want to leave behind. Maybe there’s a passion project you’ve been meaning to start from home but you never got around to it. Or a dream career you always wanted to pursue and now (that you have no backup options), you are finally getting around to it. It’s time for you to go after your daydream! It’s time to let those ideas out in the world! This is the last call for your dream life!

For me, like many, it is a year to reinvent myself. I went from working on the red carpet to having a live show on a cruise ship and traveling around the world, to not being allowed to leave my house for 6 months. It’s been a year to reflect on our life choices and realize what we can do differently. For me what stood out was appreciating more, being more grateful, more of service, and being able to help others, especially women, in this time of need. Help them figure out what is the career of their dreams they left behind, that they can now pick up right where they left off, even working from home.

Sometimes you don’t follow your dreams because you’re scared, ashamed, insecure or you feel that you’re not ready. I believe that if you believe, 2021 and the years to coming could be amazing years!


* Julia Melim is a Brazilian actress, TV host/reporter and writer. She lives between Rio, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. She is a long-time Soul Brasil contributor writer –

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