photo of friendly positive female smiles sincerely has afro hair keeps both palms on heart dressed in casual t shirt isolated over pink wall expresses good feelings and attitude to close personA good intention is simply something that you have an idea about that you’d like to do – such as to look for a job or losing twenty pounds. If you’re like other people, your life is probably brimming with good intentions. And just like other people, unfortunately, the buck basically stops there, and you live out a life that never changes.

You miss out on accomplishments, opportunities and more because good intentions are like a car missing the engine and tires. It’s just not going to get you anywhere. So why does it happen? Why do people get filled with good intentions that leave them stuck? Let’s uncover a few things.

You’re the Planner

There’s nothing wrong with planning. Planning can get you organized and help you stay that way. But a good intentions planner is often just a mask for procrastination.

You’re the Promiser

Someone who’s full of good-intentioned promises is a little bit like a good intentions planner. They just don’t even make it as far as the planning process. A promise is when you declare that something is as good as done. But a promise unfulfilled is an intended truth that lives its existence as a lie.

You’re the Learner

Someone who has good intentions often starts out in life full of hope and planning and promises. They know what they want and they would love to have it happen. They can even visualize what their lives will look like once they’ve achieved what they want. They want to discover everything there is to know about the end result of their goals. But first, they want to know what it’s going to take to go on this journey. So they begin to educate themselves and they chase after learning as their very life depends on it. If they want to lose weight, they’re going.

The Consequences of your Good Intentions

Never making changes? Sick of being stuck? That’s a pretty grim picture of life. Looking, but never have. Wanting, hoping but then getting up and repeating your day just like the day before it and the day after it.

woman 1837158 1280Good intentions aren’t movement. They’re life-stalling. They’re problem intensifies. The thing about good intentions is that at the heart of them, they hold a lot of potentials. They’re brimming with ideas, thoughts, hopes, and dreams that could rock your world and change your life.

But without any power driving them, putting them into motion, they stay there like baby birds that never learn how to fly. Good intentions are great. But they’re not enough. And without action, they will never help you achieve your goals, regardless of whether or not you’re a good person who deserves success in life.

Stop focusing on only learning and nothing else. Stop strategizing. Stop waiting. Good intentions without follow-through never allowed you to reach your potential – never let you have the life you want.

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