By Sonia Imenes | Translation: Una C. Proença

ballroom-1039371_960_720Dancing is nutrition for the soul, it relaxes the spirit. It brings out the joyful truth of recognizing and expressing the needs of the soul in a simple and direct manner. Men, women, children and seniors whom practice classical, modern, or any of the other traditional styles of dance, describe the experience like a voyage: your senses get polished and enhanced, you enter into the colorful realm of emotions, you find your rhythmic respiration and, from your body movement as a whole, this gives rise to the fountain of inspiration and renewal.

Dancing goes back in history as a vital role in man and society, having the responsibility of feeding the soul. Ritual containing dance means renewal. Our neanderthal ancestors gave the first dance steps running around the first camp-fires, discovering a happier way of celebrating.

As today’s modern citizen, swamped in the usual day-today rat race, we become distanced from his humanistic necessities, becoming more alienated each day from our creativity, our true expressions. When trying to keep up with the constant changes in the cultural main stream, we tend to abandon the needs of our soul.

Dance is a form of art used for celebration by many cultures through out history. It is also the natural remedy for depression. The dance enthusiasts claim the body and soul are cured from all negative feelings when you dance, and it’s impossible to feel angry, sad or nervous when you’re dancing Salsa or Samba! Do you remember the last time you went dancing? Poetically speaking, life is an ongoing dance, like nature, constantly in movement, in rhythm, an eternal transformation and flow.

Realistically, dancing is a source of vitality, moving energy, a creative expression for the conscious. Learn to live and dance in harmony with your cosmic dance life. Dance Merengue, Cha Cha Cha , Samba, Tango (originally from Argentina but adopted by Brazilians!), Country, or just get out there, dance spontaneous with nature.

Smile and always dance!

* Sonia Imenes is an actress, dancer, body therapist and kempo performer. She lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

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