Z Ana Gazolla 2 Horizontal 1Ana is a native from Caxias do Sul in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, a city known as the “grape land” in Brazil. She arrived in New York in 1990 to study English at the New York University. Six months later, Ana’s cousin who was living in Los Angeles, offered her a job and she decided to embrace the opportunity moving to California. Alike New York, Los Angeles was a big city, however, it had a better weather, famous beaches and was the home of the cinema.

Moving to Los Angeles was a challenge, but Ana was fearless and moved to the other side of the country without a second thought. According to Ana, living in L.A. was one of the best decisions she made in her life. At the beginning she worked as a limousine driver and gave rides to famous people like George Benson, Naomi Campbell, Mel Gibson, Axel Rose and many others. This period of her life was very interesting, and Ana had the opportunity of meeting a lot of people in the entertainment business. 

When she lived in Brazil, Ana was already a professional singer. She worked in both, Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo night. Currently, Ana runs a production company called Yellow Green Production with the carioca singer Sonia Santos. They both travel the world, representing our culture and performing in many show houses, theatres and universities with their “Brasil Brazil Show”. Besides singing, Ana Gazzola works as a voice-over actress for many projects including movies and TV commercials.

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