Image Musicians Andrea Ferraz EsseAndrea was born in the city of Guaratingueta, state of Sao Paulo, where her grandparents used to live. However, she spent most of her childhood in Copacababa, Rio de Janeiro. After growing up in Brazil, when she was 16, Andrea moved to Miami with her parents on the late 80’s. In 1990, she decided to visit Los Angeles with a friend, and fell in love with the city. Andrea then moved to L.A.

However she also lived for a while in Hawaii, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware (where she got her masters in Theater), and Oregon, (where she worked as a Shakespearean actress and Opera singer). Andrea was interested in acting and in music since she was a little girl, and she also appeared in TV commercials and Globo soap operas when she was still living in Brazil.

In Los Angeles Andrea Ferraz is known as a MPB singer. She also writes her own songs and works on a project which mixes Brazilian and “house” rhythms. Besides singing and acting, Andrea also works in journalism, radio broadcasting, and as a translator. You can hear her voice as a voice-over actress in many movies, including the animation “Rio”.

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