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Flavio is a beach and sports fan from Rio de Janeiro. He is a real “carioca” and has lived a great part of his life in Rio de Janeiro enjoying the sun and beauty of Barra da Tijuca and Jacarepaguá. Flavio had many occupations in his life, including being a life-guard, a professional diver, a futsal player and a P.E. teacher. He was also into skydiving and music in his free time.

Since he was a little boy, Flavio dreamed of living in the U.S, and he finally achieved his goal when he moved to Los Angeles in 1992. At the beginning he worked in different restaurants and cleaning boats until he got a job with Varig Brazilian Airlines in its office in Los Angeles.

In 2003, he created a group of pagode and samba called “Brasilidade”. He currently works as a teacher at Marlborough High School, as a soccer coach with Athletic Soccer Club, and is constantly performing on weekends with his band Brasilidade the hits of pagode and samba music. He has two daughters (Melissa and Vanessa) with his wife Katia Felisardo.

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