The Brazilian drummer from Rio de Janeiro is based in Los Angeles, California, and a recent graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Gus has been enjoying a busy schedule as a professional musician, recording, touring and writing (he is the author of a drum released few years ago). “I have been recording with Swiss metal band Reign of Lies and Parasoul, which is more of a good vibe, super chill sound, as well as plays pop, rock, funk and Latin music with different artists like Bossa Zuzu for example,” said the drummer.

Gustavo was recently on tour with Reign of Lies, playing in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. “We are preparing to do it again by the end of November, and I am very exciting” add Gustavo.

He also has been playing with Parasoul a few shows in order to create buzz for the upcoming EP and tour next year. Even with such a busy schedule, “Gus” is always ready for the next gig. This Brazilian musician has proven to be a talented and eclectic drummer and we will definitely be watching him play and reading his name on a lot of new albums pretty soon.

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