Kleber’s musicianKleber’s music is a mix of the styles he grew up listening to when he was a teenager in the mid ’70s in Rio de Janeiro, where he was born. “I don’t have a particular style alike to sing or play, usually a good song is always a good song in any style,” added Kleber. This carioca loves samba, jazz, and a good pop music!

In Brazil, after finishing music school he performed at many nightclubs venues and as a singer with the famous Rio’s group “Orquestra Tabajara”. He came to Los Angeles on his own to develop his music skills and in the City of Angels he studies privately with Brazilian musician master Moacir Santos, and guitar with Ted Greene.

“The first years in the U.S. were very rushed between trying to study and make a living,” said Kleber who recorded his first CD called “Trovador” in 2004. Actually his second CD entitled “Meu Rio” is about to be released in the spring of 2020. He arrivel in L.A in 1988 and has performed on different festivals and venues across the U.S and particulary in SoCa.

As a studio musician, he has recorded acoustic guitar and cavaquinho in a few nominated movie soundtracks like Rio, Rio 2 and 4 days in September. Among the musicians that have inspired Kleber are Antonio Carlos Jobim, Djavan , Emilio Santiago, George Benson, Al Jarreau, and Steve Wonder. When we asked him about Los Angeles and what the city has to offer for any new musician he was short and direct “If it’s to study music, for sure it’s one of the best experience any musician can ask for!”

Kleber is a versatile singer and songwriter. “My composing process comes usually by inspiration, and I always get melodies in my mind! Most of the tunes I have written, the melodies came to me as a gift”. He also added an additional phrase or a kind of advice: “If you are a musician these days you have to be lucky and fit in various situations if you want to be versatile I would say!”.

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