Image Musicians Luiza Marques A 300x217 1Luiza was born in Salvador, Bahia and has been living in San Diego for over 40 years. She has been singing Brazilian music in San Diego since the late 1970’s. In fact, she is considered the first Brazilian singer in San Diego.  Luiza sings jazz, bossa nova, forró, Axé, and of course Samba.

She is married to Brazilian musician, Ademar Marques, the guitar and bass player from Recife, Luiza knew Ademar in Brazil during the time she worked in Recife’s capital, Pernambuco, in the 80’s, and Ademar was playing for the known local band and :Trio Eletrico” Turma do Pinguim, lead by singer Almir Roche.

Luiza Marques has played four San Diego Street Scenes, San Diego’s largest music event representing Brazil. Luiza and Ademar in 2015 worked on a great project called “100 Years of Caymmi”, a Bahian music legend. Luiza also works as an interpreter and translator for different projects and companies. The couple have three daughters, Andrea, Liana and Michelle; and three grandchildren, Alyxander, Vincent and Nicholas.

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