FullSizeRender 1A native from Salvador, state of Bahia, Nilo Ayele arrived in the U.S landing first in New York City, where he got married and after living three months in Japan. In the big apple, he lives for four months before his arrival at the airport of South San Francisco, California, in 2007.

He is a capoeirista, dancer, singer, and songwriter and has a strong relationship with Capoeira Luanda and Dance Brazil Company from capoeira master Jelon Vieira of NY. “When I first got to the Bay Area I started teaching capoeira and dance. Right after I was invited by Conceição Damasceno of BRAS Art Cultural Center in Berkeley to participate in a dance show that she was choreographing and putting together”, said Nilo.

Since this opportunity, he went through many different projects in California, but more particularly, in the Bay Area. In 2013, together with Brazilian guitarist and songwriter Renan Damasceno, he started his music project: “Namoradas da Lua”, a reggae band with Bahian music influences. In 2019 the band released the first album “Jah Do Amor” which is available on all music digital platforms.

”I am from Boca do Rio, a neighborhood in Salvador where you can feel the music in all aspects”, add Nilo Ayele. His music also is influenced by musicians such as Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Carlinhos Brown, and of course, Bob Marley. The versatile musician keeps the focus on, and says “with perseverance, discipline and hard work you will overcome!”.

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