renato cupimThis former professional skater and a native from São Paulo, came to Los Angeles in 1997 and decided to stay in Orange County, where he already knew a few Brazilian skaters who lived in the area. One of the biggest reasons why Cupim (Termite in English and his nickname among skaters) moved to California was the fact that the state was well known for its surfing and skating outstanding competitions. Only a few months after his arrival, Renato Cupim had problems with his knee and stopped competing.

Since he was not able to skate anymore, he looked for alternatives and started working as a car mechanic to pay his bills. After a few knee surgeries, Cupim started competing again till 2005, and with his experience, he became an agent of Brazilian skaters. Even though he had a good career in skating, Cupim always liked music and years later, in partnership with the composer Arlindo Junior, created the band “Sambajah”, which turned out to be the first Brazilian Band of Orange County.

When Arlindo Junior had to move back to Brazil, they both agreed that he should take the band with him to São Paulo, and make their music successful in Brazil too. Cupim then created a new band called Cupim do Samba, which is still bringing happiness to the Brazilians of  Southern California. Besides being a part-time skate agent and musician in his free time, Renato Cupim is an entrepreneur and the owner of a Catering Company. He is married to Thais and has two kids, Ashley and Felipe.

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