alternative-906138_960_720Do you want to lose weight but don’t feel like exercising or taking medicines? Then keep on reading this article to learn more about some of the best alternatives therapies and healthier methods used more frequently nowadays, such as the Orthomolecular Diet, Mental Power and even Hypnosis! They all promise not only a weight reduction, but also an improvement in your quality of life, hair, digestion, skin and sleep. They are treatments that demand professional assistance and, to reach your goal, you will have to use your will power, especially regarding your food habits. All these methods have something in common: change your life for the better and without medication. So let’s go…

Orthomolecular Diet

According to the Orthomolecular Therapy, extra weight is caused by stress because it helps to release the hormones adrenalin and cortisone that regulate feelings of hunger and satiation which inhibit the weigh reduction. The secret lies in effectively balancing the chemicals in your body. It is vital that individuals understand the importance of a balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle which are directly related to their biological needs. They also must keep in mind that the stress treatment is multidisciplinary. The quantity and the kind of food alone aren’t enough. Since the balance that you so badly need can also be reached through the ingestion of extra micronutrients like minerals, vitamins and omega 3, the chemical balance of your body is the sustenance point of everything.

The consumption of aliments with large antioxidant concentration combined with the practice of relaxation techniques and the reduction or termination of bad habits such as drinking and smoking, can take a person through a gradual and eventual complete improvement of their whole well being. Blood exams need to be taken so it can be determined which vitamins and minerals are needed. The combination of nutrients, according to each person’s needs, improves metabolism and makes the process of fat and toxin elimination much easier. Results: The lost of weight is a natural consequence of the nutritional balance and there is no need to use appetite inhibitors. The treatment takes at least three months.

Mental Power

imagesThis therapy came all the way from China and endorses the use of the power of mind to solve weight problems with an emotional source. According to specialists, people are overweight due to their ancestral heritage. This theory holds that around ten thousand years ago humans lived in the colder climates of Northern Europe where food was not easy to obtain. Consequently, there was always a fear of death by starvation. When food eventually was available, a large amount was eaten in an attempt to acquire an “energy reserve”. Specialists say that this way of eating is still registered in our DNA and that’s why we keep getting fat.

The Mental Power therapy theory believes that if you want to lose weight, you must see yourself as thin. Look at yourself and try to imagine yourself wearing smaller clothes and having the body of your dreams. With this attitude and mental picture, the information that your mind receives is that you are thin now. This will stay recorded in your subconscious and you will naturally lose weight. A lot of will power and practice is required, otherwise the therapy won’t work. Fried foods, fatty foods and sugar must be completely eliminated from your diet. Results: Women can lose as much as 150 grams a day and men can lose as much as 300 grams day.

Hypnoses It works as a complete treatment because you’ll not only lose weight but also because you can get to the root of your subconscious “overeating” to eventually achieve a better quality of life. Many patients just cannot get thin due to deep rooted emotional issues. However they still continue to try and often times other problems such as depression can appear. Hypnosis can go to an exact point of your past and solve the problem.

Starting from this point the weight reduction happens in a natural way, according to specialists. The cause of obesity can lie in a childhood trauma or even something that happened in another life. The hypnosis can help the stimulation of such memories that are lost in the subconscious. At the moment that these emotions are brought to light, it’s up to the hypnotherapist to make affirmations regarding the real problem and through philosophical reasoning tell the patient about the attitude that must be eliminated in order for the expected weight to occur.

Results: as the cause of the problem gets solved, the person will lose all the weight needed. It’s obvious that a reduction in the eating habits will help, but the patient will naturally feel less hungry because their anxiety will be gone. The treatment takes at least a year and each session lasts one and a half hour.

Oligoelements Our bodies have the need of catalyst metals like manganese, cobalt, iron, zinc and chrome, among others, to function perfectly. The lack of some of these metals can cause irritability, anxiety and tiredness and loss of sleep. According to specialists, when a person treats an oligoelements caused dysfunction, their body answers positively by slimming down, because the therapy involves the organization these trace chemicals and complete detoxification of the body. The treatment is done through the addition of natural substances (applied in a gel form over the arm and thigh areas) that are missing in the body.

a-change-in-lifestyle-1430599_960_720Along with the help of a machine that ionizes the natural substances (similar to the ones used in skin cleaning), it is possible to make the substance penetrate into the blood stream. Usually one application is made every week in a clinic. At home a sublingual maintenance is recommended by simply putting a few drops of an extract (made with the oligoelements) beneath the tongue. The individual must also adopt new eating habits. Results: after two weeks you’ll already notice an improvement in your humor. Then, as the treatment progresses, you’ll lose a little over 2 pounds every month. The treatment lasts for about four months with weekly visits to the clinic. After this phase monthly maintenance is all that is necessary.

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