lulu santosThe singer-songwriter from Brazil, who has been on the scene since the 80s writing some catchy songs that he performs either acoustically or with a band will start his U.S Tour 2019 in California. On Friday, Nov 15th he will be at El Rey Theater in L.A and on Sat, Nov 16th at August Hall in San Francisco. His U.S Tour continues in Houston (TX) on Wed, Nov 20th; in Astoria (NY) on Fri, Nov 22nd; Sat 23rd in Miami Beach (FL); and Sun, Nov 24th in Orlando (FL).

Acoustically or with a band, he is definitely worth watching live. For those not Brazilians, yes he sings a lot of his music in their native tongue. But as an example, the usual opening mid-tempo smash hit “Toda Forma De Amor” has some fantastic melodies played on his Fender Stratocaster that accompanies his voice so well. What is relevant to say is that his audience usually singing along from the start to finish, almost louder than Lulu is. It must be the most amazing feeling, having that happen.

His percussionist/keyboard player is amazing and for those who like a guitar solo, it is worth remembering that Lulu Santos has a contagious style of playing his guitar. His guitar solos are so well constructed, and instead of it being just about the way that he plays the guitar, it’s more about the way that the band are highlighted, matching the rhythms that are played around the solo, turning into a group effort.

Fascinated by the Beatles, Lulu formed his first group at 12, covering their hits. At 19, he began to play in Veludo Elétrico, opening his professional phase. In 1974, he joined Vímana, an important group for the gestation of the Brazilian rock style. The murder of John Lennon on December 8, 1980, inspired the

composition “Tesouros da Juventude” (lyrics by Nelson Motta). Recording a demo tape with drummer Jim Capaldi (formerly with Traffic), Lulu sent them to Warner’s artistic director Léo Neto (a friend of Motta’s). In 1981, Lulu recorded for Warner and with the fundamental support of hitmaker/producer Liminha, three singles reached expressive selling: “Tesouros da Juventude,” “Areias Escaldantes,” and “De Leve” (Rita Lee’s version of Lennon/McCartney’s “Get Back”).

After that Lulu began to show his face on TV, receiving a strong impulse on shows hosted by the irreverent and extremely popular Chacrinha. The emergence of another superstar of Brazilian music became a reality. In his more than 40 years of career have been a lot of hit songs, but we believe he has three in particular that marked several generations (and still keeps marking). Are the songs “De Repente Califórnia” (the theme of the Brazilian movie “Garoto do Rio”), the melodic tunes “Adivinha o Quê”, and the pop/romantic “Apenas mais uma de Amor”. Lulu Santos is a Brazilian superstar who has solid credentials in his high-selling discography and is linked to the engendering of Brazilian rock since the ’70s.

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