11988322 10153485333780269 8472900937490917571 nFrom 13 to 17 years old this “Carioca” studied hard to be a model and actress. Aside from her fascination with the entertainment industry, Marcela also takes dance classes in different styles up to four times per week. She said “Dance is an incredible art that combines the perfect physical activity. It combines cardio and aerobics movements which play an important part in keeping a healthy body”.

For Marcela, being with people she admires and loves is a priority. She also mentions that she puts God first, whom she always thanks for having all the others close to her. The petite model learned early in life through many experiences that get what you want in life you need to be patient and to always persevere.

Her plans for the future include working as a model and dancer as well as developing her talents as a fashion designer. When Marcela was asked about what advice she would pass on to those looking for a successful professional life, she said “Don’t live waiting for tomorrow what you can do today! Don’t wait for others to do things for you if you can do it yourself!

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