Image_Web_Sept 21_Marcelo D2Marcelo Maldonado Gomes Peixoto, or simply Marcelo D2, is one of the most famous rappers in Brazil. Former lead singer of the band Planet Hemp, which now follows a solo career, he became famous for mixing samba with black music, in addition to several partnerships with artists from other genres such as the Axé music and Samba, and people who make beats electronic music with his mouth, popularly known as beatbox.

His solo career is among the most successful in the country. With five albums that represent exquisitely mixing rap with samba, he delivers body, soul and voice to the Brazilian rhythms, honoring one of his masters, Bezerra da Silva – no rhymes, scratches, samples and electronic beats.

Without fear of criticism from the pure Hip Hop fans, Marcelo D2 passes to the Lady Zu Master André, erasing at once the idea that those who like hip hop may not like samba. Passing the North Zone to the South Zone, the East to the West, his albums are successful and ensure free passage between the rhythms to the next generation.

After a busy year with release of the album ‘Nada Pode me Parar’, 15 video clips recording in different parts of the world, national and international shows, among other things, Marcelo D2 celebrates his 20-year career on the bandwagon “unstoppable”. His tour reaches the southern United States this week and promises to drag thousands of fans in the four shows by Los Angeles (Thurs, Sept  24), San Diego, San Francisco and Honolulu. For Tickets & More Info, visit:

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