By Lindenberg Junior

10446704 10152380445532517 2881422414087228503 nInspired by the voice of his mother singing Condomble songs and the aroma of traditional Afro-Brazilian foods including Caruru and Vatapa, Marcos Mariano Silva began dancing at age 12. His dance movements came from the soul and tradition of his ancient African ancestors and the incentive of his brothers playing timbale and other instruments.

Growing up in his native Salvador, Bahia, and surrounded by the music and dance scenery, Mariano developed a sensibility for the arts and traditions of his culture. At age 13, Mariano began training Capoeira with Mestre Angola, a well known Master in his neighborhood. During the following ten years he developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the many layers of this “Art Form”, as well as the rhythms of Afro-Brazilian music and dance. Still in Salvador, after the graduation in Physical Education for Youth, he founded the Grupo de Capoeira Angola Renascer, and starting teaching capoeira and his own dance technique while sharing drumming experiences.

Arriving in Los Angeles in 2001, after an invitation of capoeira master and dance choreographer Amen Santo, he started performing with Ballet Folkloric of Brazil in national tours including John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC. After his first visit to Santa Barbara, he fell in love with it, and with support of Mestre Amen, established residency in the “California Riviera”.11921703 10153244975462517 693463326110960712 n e1704760350935

With character and good nature in his soul, this multi-talented “baiano”, step by step, was introducing his “Bossa Afro-Negra” to the city of Santa Barbara and other cities in California, expanding his class offerings to hundreds of students and performances to thousands of dance & music lovers. Among his class and performances, includes work for children with diabetes, at-risk youth and individuals in elderly homes.

Years ago Mariano founded the band, “Prakantar” that plays a fusion repertory of Afro-Brazilian music with diverse tropical rhythms and Mariano’s Batucada School that has its focus in “Bahian” style drumming. During the last years, Mariano has been leading his group performance in the famous Annual Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade and the Annual Santa Barbara Brazilian Carnaval Cultural with much success and has brought the community together through the rhythms and culture of Brazil. As an inspiring leader, powerful singer, visionary choreographer, and masterful musician, the “baiano from Salvador, Bahia continues to expand the impact of his “Bossa Afro-Negra” and the Brazilian Culture in U.S.

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