*Edition: Ann Fain |  Photos: Claudia Passos

552216 4756273873894 367039731 nBorn and raised in Long Beach, California, this 5’5”, 115lb Sagittarius enjoys reading, dancing, watching movies and playing capoeira! Marquisha Walker is a financial professional by day and Samba dancer by night.

She started practicing capoeira at the age of 22 when she was in college as a way to change up her workout and try a different activity from what she had done before. She currently trains two to three times per week, but says, “I wish I could train more. I think it helps me because there’s always something new to learn in capoeira”. Marquisha loves to be challenged by the sport and says that, “there’s never a time when I go to class and we do the same thing”.

In addition to capoeira, Marquisha loves to dance. Her favorite musical styles are hip hop, R&B, samba, funk, dancehall, and reggae. She also enjoys dining Cuban and Jamaican food. She says that her dream is to be in an action movie like the X-MEN. “I am obsessed with heroines and Marvel Comics” says Marquisha.

Her motto is “You define your own life. Don’t let other people define it for you”, and her advice for being happy is to try and be more proactive in doing the things you love. Marquisha loves dancing and spending time with her family and eating a lot of home style great food.

She is single (*Aug 2014) and says that the perfect man for her is one whose values include honesty and respect. A guy that also is thoughtful, giving, and faithful. “I am ok single for now, but the men in my dreams to merry is just a good communicator, driven, and overall just a good person with good values”, add “Quisha”.

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