By Laís Oliveira | Translation: Isabela Jordão

victory 5219997 960 720Do you know Vitória, at Espírito Santo? Built between the sea and the hill, Vitória, nestled in the Brazilian Southeast, is endowed with a beauty that mixes city and beach, which is the delight of tourists. It has different staircases that connect the upper and lower part of the city and, amidst the several stairs that beautify the center, is Maria Ortiz, the most well-known. The name is a tribute to one of the greatest icons in the combats against the Dutch invaders from 1625.

If you like a cultural trip, be sure to visit Cidade Alta, which was founded in 1551 and still preserves some of the heritage of the period. The tour can be done on foot, and has several locations such as the Church of São Gonçalo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Chapel of Santa Luzia, Convento de São Francisco, among others. An ideal excursion for the whole family.

Vitoria, no Espirito-Santo

In terms of beaches, there is a lot to know. One of the most popular is Canto, which has several accommodation options and restaurants, offering the traditional moqueca. Much sought after by those who like excitement, on Sundays, the place hosts the traditional craft fair of the region. Thus, the urban hype contrasts and mixes with the beauty of nature.

On Ilha do Boi are some of the best beaches in the city, with the cleanest and quietest waters in the capital. Near Ilha do Boi are the Galheta de Dentro and Fora Islands and the Ilha Rasa. Ilha do Boi Beach is one of the most sought after by visitors to Vitória, and is located in a residential area in the city. The place is small and peaceful. As the place is famous, it is recommended that tourists arrive early to find parking.

Another famous destination in the state is Camburi beach. The place is great for a delicious walk or to have fun on the famous schooner rides. In summer, there are several shows and sporting events in the place. So, be sure to get to know and enjoy the festivities, if you are going to the place in the hottest season of the year.

Terceira Ponte, em Vitória (ES)

Curva da Jurema is a popular beach for those who like to stay at the kiosks, having a drink, schmoozing and listening to music. The sight of the place is beautiful and does not disappoint, so anyone who wants to enjoy the sunset will not regret it. The beach has a great mix of audiences, always with people of all ages — this is one of the best options in Vitória.

In the mountains, you can enjoy Balneário de Manguinhos, one of the most sought after because it is formed by Enseada, Chaleirinha and Ponta dos Fachos, three different spots. In the place, it is possible to find beautiful natural pools formed by the stones of the region, which constitute a fantastic landscape. It is located 25 km from the capital, Vitória. Now you can plan your trip, Vitória is waiting for you!

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