By Carol Mendes | Translation by Julia Melim

085786a77b2058741d09bef113ce670eOptimistic, happy, caring, charming… so many adjectives to define the Brazilian man. According to Sergio Buarque de Holanda Brazilian critic, historian and journalist, the male from the tropics acts on his emotion and his own will.

However, if we go back to Brazilian History that is not an accurate representative of Brazilian men. The family man was seen as a patriarch who should command his family, run the business with a steady hand and not be taken by his emotions. Nowadays, as hard as it is to believe, after so many centuries have gone by, sexism or “machismo” is still part of the Brazilian culture. People say that man act that way because they fear losing their independence and giving their role to women, from simply changing a car tire to running the business and the family.

On the other hand, not all men who live in Brazil are followers of “machismo,” as many of them have accepted the changes in the modern day society and are even willing to share tasks that were once thought as being strictly womanly tasks, such as cleaning the house, cooking and taking care of kids. In the modern day world being from opposite sexes is not synonym of rivalry as both men and women have found their space in society, sharing roles and supporting one another.

The gap between reasoning and emotion is becoming narrower for Brazilian men. Nowadays the typical Brazilianmen friends man does not appreciate formalities, prioritizes human relations over business, and is open to romantic relationships. Brazilian women and men have an exotic beauty in their favor that becomes irresistible when mixed with the Brazilian flavor. There are so many variations on Brazilian men: the man with a gold tan who lives by the beach, the seductive black man who knows how to play capoeira, the creative type who seduces with his tone of voice, and even the blonde European types who were mixed in the Brazilian archetype, all of them call your attention and are ready to steal your heart away.

Some Brazilian women dream about falling in love with a foreigner, however, most of them still prefer the national brand. Nothing against “gringos” and their individual value, but Brazilian men are great companions, friends, dads, and make the best lovers. It is not by chance that women from all over the world, be them American, Israeli, Japanese, French, or any other nationality, love men with a Brazilian accent!

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