Image Cinema Mia Sozzafave 1The brazilian actress managed to book nothing less than 10 projects in less than 8 months. Between features films and tv projects, the actress is keeping a busy schedule and conquering more and more space in the entertainment business.

With the latin community being more expressive in Hollywood, Mia Scozzafave is paving her way up fast. Among her projects, she has worked with well known actors such as Richard Grieco, Tara Reid, Tony Todd and Robert Lasardo. Mia has under her belt a variety of movie credits ranging from action to comedy in english, portuguese and spanish.

The actress debuts in her first American lead role in Los Angeles Shark Attack, a triller movie from the award winning director Dustin Ferguson, schedule to start shooting in May 2019. Mia is also a producer in a few movies tittles like The Attack of the Unknown and Charlotte’s Tea where she stepped up her game to also be a director.

Image Mia Scozzafave 2 SharkAttack

Mia Scozzafave stars in the lead role in “Los Angeles Shark Attack” of 2019.

“The idea of directing Charlotte’s Tea was for me a huge learning experience. My intentions are not to direct movies but when the chance showed up to me, I thought that even as actress I would get a better understanding how to tell better stories, and having a bigger understanding on the narrative process. Being a director comes with a whole different skill set and immense responsibly too”, says Mia.

Mia has been living in the US since 2011, but only in 2018 decided to finally give a try as an actress. Back in Brazil, Mia graduated as a journalist and worked as a TV Host for almost 8 years in Sao Paulo, before moving to the United States. She had already flirted with acting at home, being in a theater play as well in an awarded short movie, but her intentions were kept within journalism.

At first, Mia’s reason to be overseas was only to study English for 3 months and improve her journalist career back in Brazil. However, on American soil, Mia quickly caught attention of a talent agent in Los Angeles that offered her a working visa as an actress. Mia went then to improve her acting skills in an UCLA program and from there everything is becoming history.

Mia lives in Los Angeles and have a busy routine. Between auditions, acting classes, professional meetings and filming; her plans are to continue to work in different projects, but particularly, pursuing more eloquent roles in television –

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