DNSH1fMUIAA03zHLove getting cash back, earning rewards and taking advantage of price drops? Now it’s easy nab even more free money, thanks to new apps and programs that will help you. Check out:

1) Max your cash back with Birch

If you’re like most shoppers, you’re walking away from more than $600 a year in credit card rewards! That’s because you’re either using the wrong credit card for specific purchases or you don’t have the right cards in the first place! To the rescue: Birch, a free app that ensures you’ll never miss out again by recommending three cards that mesh with your spending habits. Even more genius, it uses smart technology to figure out what store you’re in and alerts you to the best credit card pick!  To start, link your accounts at BirchFinance.com site to get your personalized advice.

2) Get paid to be $$ smart with MoneyLion

Want to get better at paying bills on time? Keeping credit in check? Saving more? Borrowing smarter? MoneyLion gives you an incentive to do just that! You’ll earn points for actions like signing up for MoneyLion, downloading the mobile app, tracking spending on a bank account, signing up for free credit monitoring , making payments on time, paying off a loan and even writing credit card reviews on social media. Rack up the poits, then exchange for gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Target and more! To start just log on to MoneyLion.com and click on “Join for free”! No need to provide bank info for the basic program.

3) Get every price drop you’re due with Earny!

Taking advantage of price protection. Getting a refund when the price drops on an item you’re recently purchased  is automatic using Earny. The free app follows the price protection polices of your credit cards, tracks your purchases, looks for price drops, etc,  and files claims on your behalf. You then cash the check. Sign up at Earny.com.

Happy Rewards!

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