man datingA new study reveals that 97% of hiring managers in the U.S. turn to the free networking site LinkedIn to post jobs, seek qualified candidates or get more information on applicants. So the tip here includes the social media LinkedIn, but also, other two websites and valuable resource.

If a hiring manager don’t see your profile or spot an outdated one, you could be passed over. To register for an account log on LinkedIn, fill up your info, then answer questions about your job experience and skills. It will appear in your profile for job recruiters to see. Believe it or not, there are also real free programs that can help you find a job or even give you cash or offer incentives.

You can get job-seeking assistance from American Job Centers, a federal network with more than 3,000 locations nationwide. It is not necessary to pay someone to craft your resume or teach you the latest computer program. The resident in U.S. can get help with cover letter, resumes, participate in workshops and get access to computers, printers and other office basics, all for free. Staff will also direct you to neighborhood training programs, local job openings and networking opportunities. To find a center near you, visit the American Job Center.

Dreaming of starting a business or going back to school? You can get matching funds to reach your goals if you are a low-to-moderate-income earner. You may be eligible to open an individual Development Account (IDA) through the Corporation for Enterprise Development, and your contributions will be matched dollar for dollar. What is the catch? Just one: You must put the funds toward your stated goal. To find a financial institution that offers IDAs go HERE.

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