By Conceição Trucon | Translation: Cristiane Magalhaes

vegetables-752153_960_720Biological law has a divine objective to establish harmony within each species, by monitoring the functional equilibrium of each cell, organ and system, and preventing any motives to crystallize or form diseases in the physical body.

Sometimes, within the rhythm of this intricate evolution, one or more cells supposed to form a determined organ, are found incapable to perform the multiplication task, while the others perform the pre-established function. The ill or mutating cells remain asleep in the intimacy of the organism. In a certain time of life, these cells either naturally awaken from their long rest or are awaken by the action of internal or external stimuli that can be of mechanical, physical, or chemical origin.

In these circumstances, these cells can never achieve the work rhythm or work load of the other healthy cells. Outrageous cellular divisions are verified, formed by the different morphological elements between these cells and the group, to which they belong, originating then benign or malign formations, as it happens in cancers and tumors.

The most unfortunate aspect of this cellular distortion is that the illness, especially in the internal cancers, is only diagnosed very late, when the therapeutic resources are increasingly less effective for the sick / or mutated cells, while posing to be extremely aggressive and violent towards the healthy cells. Among the physical motives for these cells awakening, excellent examples are solar rays and nuclear radiations. Among the mechanical motives are: continuous friction caused by very defective walking, inadequate prosthesis, continuous habits of self-destruction, or exaggerated use of synthetic clothes. The chemical motives include cigarettes, white sugar, refined foods, cured meats, additives, food coloring, solvents, etc.carrot-juice-1623157_960_720

We are already informed enough to know that simple choices are available to everyone, and can increase or decrease enormously the chances of any type of cancer development. The great wisdom is to incorporate life habits that prevent the disease. We must not take life too seriously and stress less, consume a healthy diet, maintain weight, exercise, stop smoking, and perform regular check-ups that include mammograms, prostate exams, and pap smears. Generally, in their necessity for the illusion of immediate pleasure, human beings prefer to resist having healthy hab its now without thinking that in the future they might depend on the luck that the chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy will be effective.

In present day, we are aware of a long list of aliments that, in one way or another, protect us against tumors. The isoflavanas, substance in the soy, diminish the chances of breast cancer. The licopene, present in the tomato sauce, carrots, etc, helps prevent prostate cancer. The resveratrol, abundant in red wine, protect the breasts and intestines.

The leaf of the Graviola contain medicinal substances, called acetogeninas, that cure several types of cancer (in a lab tube, they kill cancer cells 10 thousand times faster than the best medicine given at the hospitals), but until now, labs haven’t been able to synthesize them to patent the medicine, therefore only being used in their natural form. The plant Cat Nail, used for centuries by healers and herbalists, during the 70s and 80s attracted the attention of the National Cancer Institute for its stories of success curing leukemia.

Cancer does not appear without an apparent reason, nor is it determined in inevitable manner by our genes. It is, in great measure, an “environmental” disease, in a reaction of our bodies to the world surrounding us. The secret is in leaving in harmony with our own bodies, making it possible than for full health, and the entrance in processes more evolutional in all areas of life. To prevent the disease is the great purpose. No doubt there has to be courage, for being different bothers many and being aware takes work. But the beneficiary in this story is you. Many years ago, even before losing my only brother to lymphatic cancer, through the reading of my hands, I detected a sign that foresaw the ease for a development of a cancer, in case I did not change my life conduct. In case I did not interfere in my destiny.

saude alimentacao saudavelThe changes I made and keep practicing are exactly the subject of everything I write in my books and articles, and speak of in my lectures and courses. You know what happened? That sign that was in my hand has disappeared. This is a victory that feeds me all the power in the world to follow doing what I do: sharing explanations of how we function physically and energetically, allowing that everyone, in their discernment and free will make their own decisions.

Within my determination, I support and root that YOUR changes be slow and gradual, but that they be positive! Small steps forward, constructive attitudes. Resist with much courage to step backwards. The healthy life goes through self-love. To value your physical body, the temple of your soul. Without physical body there is no spiritual evolution!

Tips for a health diet:

1. Practice daily physical activities.

2. Consume preferably natural foods, fresh and integral. These are leaves, fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots and whole cereal.

3. Eat in a relaxed manner, celebrating the actual act of nourishing your body.

4. Chew wisely. Give your taste buds the opportunity of expanding and valuing the healthy aliments. Help your digestive organ to spend the least energy in this process, the digestion.

5. Hydrate yourself with vitalized water and therapeutic teas. In empty stomach, drink detoxifying juices composed of green leaves and fresh and raw fruits.

6. Walk or perform an exercise of energy mobilization after meals.

7. Detoxify yourself daily, respecting your digestive organs that are extremely wise, but depend on you, your partnership, and your complicity.drink fruit 1554657 960 720 e1711669702776

8. Respect and value your thoughts:
Positive actions stimulate the brain to learn and register new things, therefore grow. Negative actions are usually destructive or paralyzing. There go the opportunities for growth.

9. Seek at all times to be alert (meditate), to become each day that passes, a more assertive person. In other words, aligned with your truths and internal values.

10. Develop the habits of reading, listening to music, practicing art, dancing, etc., in the moments that before you would have been watching television or chatting away.

11. Talk less. Reflect and know yourself more.

12. Take care of your ears, eyes, skin, mouth and nose; the 5 senses in all ways.

13. Take care more of your quality of life and less of the life of others. As a matter of fact, we help others much more when we are a good reference of what we say and believe. Consistence is the key.

*This article is based in the books “Alimentacao Desintoxicante” (Detoxify Foods) and “O Poder de Cura do Limão” (The Lemon Healing Power) by Brazilian author Conceição Trucon. She is a writer and therapist living in São Paulo, Brazil.  

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