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Image Brazilian Mission Kid and HopeStarting in June 2003, a group of Brazilians in South Florida gathered together to discuss and exchange their ideas about their desires to reach out and remedy social strife in their native Brazil. With the objective to provide financial and logistical support to assist non-profit agencies in Brazil to help the poorest people, the initial idea has evolved and become a reality. They needed to start somewhere, and chose Northeastern Brazil (one of the poorest regions in the country) and more specifically the state of Ceara. With continued success, they plan to extend the branch to other philanthropic institutions in other Brazilian regions.

The Brazilian Mission rapidly became part of the daily life of Karen, Salles, Vitale, Cléber and other successful Brazilian entrepreneurs in Florida. With the realization of their objective, they began to improve the lives of children and adults with basic education and health coverage in the most needy parts of the country. Today, Brazilian celebrities in USA, such as the car racers Tony Kanaan, Hélio Castro Neves, Bruno Junqueira and Christian Fittipaldi, and in Brazil, the singers like Falcão and Fagner, and Boxing Fighter Acelino “Popó” Freitas have embraced the project. All the folks that make possible the “Brazilian Mission”, contribute to the hope of many poor people giving back to them the opportunity to develop his or her own potential. At the very least, they make possible a better condition for a better life.

The Brazilian Mission is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Florida. To make this project possible and functional is necessary hard work. They seek resources through charitable events, requests for donations and seasonal campaigns. On June 4, 2005 for example, they promoted a benefit event in Miami at Davie Rodeo (Festa Junina / Folkloric Northeast Party) in which almost 4000 people attended, with Brazilians from Orlando to South Florida. On May 26, 2005 in conjunction with the Broward County, they promoted another benefit event in Deerfield Beach. In this event, there were contributions made by the participation of the Artistic Brazilian community and the Broward County Cultural Grant for Art and Culture.

This Brazilian hearts and enlightened souls involved in the reality of this project have a vision that one day the social inequality that afflicts parts of Brazil will soon exist only as a memory, and that a new true reality is more fair, equal and just. They believe that through diligent and coordinated effort, hard work and good will, they will be able to materially contribute to the vitality and empowerment of less fortunate Brazilians, and to effect positive change among the impoverished regions of the country. To be involved, make donations or to know more about the Brazilian Mission visit their website www.brazilianmission.org

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