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Praia do Pinho

1) Praia do Pinho, Balneário Camboriú

It is the first official nudist beach in Brazil, recognized in 1988. The place is around 500 meters long and has a sea with strong waves. It is approximately 80 km from the capital Florianópolis. The first signs of the practice of nudism at the site date back to 1983.

At the time, some dancers from a famous music/event venue in the city called “Mario’s House” and a few other couples ventured to undress in the middle of this paradisiacal beach, deserted at the time, surrounded by lush Atlantic forest and difficult to access.

2) Praia de Pedras Altas, Palhoça

Here you will find calm seas that are good for swimming and water sports. Access to the site, however, is difficult.

Image Travel Praia de Pedras Altas Santa Catarina Brazil

Praia de Pedras Altas

By car, visitors should follow BR 101, 30 km south of Florianopolis. To get to the shore you need to take a small trail from Enseada do Brito. There is an area dedicated to naturism and another not, both with bars and restaurants. The nudist side of the beach offers a parking and camping area to complete the unique experience in this natural beauty.

Two decades ago, a couple Brazilian entrepreneurs acquired 10 hectares of land on Pedras Altas beach with the aim of promoting outdoor coexistence without ostentation. This natural refuge proposes naturism as a way of living in harmony with nature and accepting one’s own body. The space is part of an Environmental Preservation Area (APA) in the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park and receives many international tourists such as from Germany, Australia and France.

3) Praia da Galheta, Florianópolis

Image Travel Praia de Galheta Santa Catarina Brazil 1 e1715733664678The beach is a natural refuge that captivates those seeking an intimate connection with the wild nature. At 950 meters long, the beach is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the state of Santa Catarina. Surrounded by rounded, smooth rocks, this beach creates a paradisiacal setting that combines the exuberance of native vegetation, the softness of the fine white sand, and the crystal and clear waters of the sea.

The beach can only be reached by trail, adding a dose of adventure to the experience. Restricted access helps to preserve the pristine nature and ensure that visitors fully engage with the unique atmosphere of this special place. Since the 80’s the beach has been a stronghold of the naturist movement.

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