Image Web 2016 March 11 Rio e Olympics 1With the unstable economy and the crisis that Brazil has faced, every form that rotate capital is profit. And the country knows how to profit when it comes to tourism. The Ministry of Tourism has taken a series of measures to encourage foreigners to come to Brazil and the period of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is a great attraction that surely will enhance tourism in the cities that will house the games and improve the economic situation of the country.

As one of these incentive measures, the Federal Government has decided that the period in which foreign tourists are exempt from the visa requirement for tourism in Brazil may cover up to ninety days. Expectations of the World Tourism Organization are that such measures boosters add up to $ 1.7 billion more in the Brazilian economy.

The high dollar also favors tourism, as the exchange rate in Brazil is cheaper, the country becomes more attractive. Proof of this is that the hotel industry feels this reflex by increasing domestic tourism and the arrival of foreigners to the country. According to Vinicius Lummertz, president of Embratur, “tourism will be the best solution for the development of Brazil in the year 2016″.

Despite all the preparation that Rio de Janeiro is getting to host the huge influx of visitors in the period of the Games, the deficit of hotel rooms is great, if we note that the forecast as the availability of accommodation is 51.1 thousand in the period Games, while Embratur data shows that are expected approximately 15,000 athletes, 25,000 media professionals, 70,000 volunteers and 800,000 tourists. And this is a great opportunity for those who want to raise an extra income. Besides the lack of hotel rooms to accommodate all tourists, many of them prefer to rent private houses and apartments due to the increased possibility of negotiation and comfort during their stay in the country. The options such rentals are numerous and the internet helps you find rentals to suit all budgets and tastes.

 *To know more about alternatives to stay in Brazil during the Olympics besides the traditional option of hotels are sites and platforms such as or For your travel assistance from U.S to Brazil visit or call (323)428-1963 to talk with Magali da Silva, our travel & tour specialist.

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