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After many months of anticipation, I’m finally on the plane embarking on my next adventure to Brazil! This will be my fourth time visiting the country I love so much for it’s natural beauty, warm hearted people, and amazing music. During my last trip, I had the good fortune to spend time with creative genius Hermeto Pascoal. Some of you may have read my previous article about Hermeto in Soul Brasil back in 2009. I’m long overdue for a visit and wonder what is in store for me this time.

I left my travels largely unplanned on purpose, as I desire to take a break from the busy schedule management that comes with being a full time musician and teacher. I really love discovering what can happen when I leave myself open to spontaneity and unexpected opportunities. Aside from a few small concerts scattered throughout my Brazil trip, I am mostly going down to jam, study, have fun, and relax. This is my vacation that I’ve worked so hard for, and I aim to fully enjoy it!

My travels start off in Fortaleza and the beautiful beach town of Jericoacoara where my ears will be treated to the sounds of the Choro Jazz Festival.  This is the seventh annual festival orchestrated by friend and festival director “Capucho”. This wonderful event brings phenomenal musicians to beach-side venues and invites the public to attend for free.  This year’s festival includes great artists including Badi Assad, Egberto Gismonte, and Charles da Flauta among others.

Even our Bay Area’s own Harvey Wainapel with his Quartet.  Virtuoso guitarist Alessandro Penezzi, currently playing in my headphones, will be also be featured.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Alessandro in Ubatuba and through the California Brazil Camp over the last few years. Here is an extraordinary musician who can play for days on end all by heart and intuition. I am excited to be in the presence of such master musicians and looking forward to some great jams. There will be much to learn and enjoy. I’ll report back with some of my experiences. Until then, please take care and enjoy life!

Choro Jazz Festival

Choro Jazz Festival

Location: Jericoacoara, Ceara, Brazil
Website: :

This article was written few days before the author trip to Brasil to perform in Fortaleza (last week of Nov 2015) and in Jericoacoara (first week of Dec 2015). 
* This article was written few days before the author trip to Brasil to perform in Fortaleza and Jericoacoara in December of 2015

* * Rebecca Kleinmann is an American musician from California and has traveled a few times to Brazil for studying and research. To know more about her visit:

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