A native from Recife, Brazil, and an American Citizen since 2007. Lindenberg has a bachelor degree in journalism and is the editor and publisher of Soul Brasil magazine. He is a writer, publicist, marketing consultant and event producer – editor_at_soulbrasil.com

Lindenberg Junior

Publisher and Editor

Lindenberg’s wife is in charge for the office administration as well as accounting. She is also a native from Recife, Brazil, and an American citizen since 2007. Magali is a travel agent with over 25 years of experience in the travel industry – magali_at_soulbrasil.com

Magali da Silva

Office Chief

He is from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, and lives in Paulista, near Recife. Alexandre has been the tech guy behind the site of Soul Brasil. He is a webmaster and programmer, as well as a consultant on technology and security on the internet – webmaster@soulbrasil.com 

Alexandre Alux

Webmaster / Programmer

A native from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and also an American citizenship, the charismatic “baiana” is our official photographer. She have been covering several events such as the annual Summer Solstice Parade in Santa Barbara, the annual Multicultural Hollywood Parade in L.A, and the annual Brazilian Day San Diego among others – Claudia_at_soulbrasil.com

Claudia Passos


Isabella joined us in August 2019 and has the important role of producing content, interacting, and monitoring our Instagram as well You Tube. She is Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro with a degree in marketing and communication –  Isabella_at_soulbrasil.com

Isabella Felicetti

Social Media

The young journalist who was born in a small town in the state of Ceara, in northeastern Brazil, believes in and defends fair and plural communication. She loves cooking, Korean pop music and fantastic books –  

Lara Lana

Writer / Web Support

A native from Florianopolis, state of Santa Catarina, she has lived in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. For over five years she worked as a host and reporter for TV Hollywood in NYC. She writes about entertainment and the show business. Julia is an actress, model, writer and journalist, and lives between Brazil and U.S – julia.melim_at_gmail.com

Julia Melim


Gio is an American born with Brazilian parents and has a bachelor’s degree in Performance Arts with an emphasis in Musical Theater through Syracuse University in the state of NY. He is a multi-talented artist and you can see him in action in some of the Broadway musicals.

Giovanni da Silva

English Proofreader

A native from Recife, Brazil, the actress and model have been living in Los Angeles since 2014. Her translation to English from original articles in Portuguese is considered of great quality by our team of American friends and contributors. Amanda is also video presenter – ninapeter94_at_hotmail.com 

Amanda Peter

Translator/Video Presenter

Born and raised on the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil, the journalist with almost 20 years of experience in radio and TV is a communicator that is passionate about listening and telling good stories which inspire a better world with less inequalities – mariana.rodriguess1@gmail.com

Mariana Rodrigues

Video Presenter

The paulistana from São Paulo is an architect and has lived in Santa Barbara and Newport Beach (California) for many years. Since 2016 Cristiane lives in San Francisco and continues in California. She helps Soul Brasil with valuable translations – cristianet_at_hotmail.com
Cristiane Magalhaes


Born in Recife, Brazil, she is a certified yoga instructor and life coach. Sandra is the official consultant for spirituality and art of living themes. She has lived in Dallas (TX), Solvang and Los Angeles (CA) and has traveled to almost 40 countries around the world, and in special, Asia and Latin America – sandraiatacare_gmail.com

Sandra Domingos

Life Couch Consultant

Born in the city of São Paulo, he has lived in Curitiba in the state of Paraná since 2017. He has been working as a graphic designer since 2007 but is also an experienced drummer where he has performed on several stages around the world and owner of the music label Crocodilo Discos – padilha.designer@gmail.com

Thiago Padilha

Graphic Designer