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Foto/Credito: Marcos Ramon Filho Marafi

Pantanal Matogrossense is the ideal place for those who are seeking rest and tranquility. Brazil is far known for its wonderful beaches and its “beach culture”, in which bikinis and well-toned bodies are highlights. However, for those who are looking after gazing at nature at a marvellous flora and fauna sanctuary one of the best options is, undoubtedly, Mato Grosso’s Pantanal. There you can meet a multitude of free species in their natural habitat and also find a pleasant, inspiring point for your spirit.

The Pantanal is simply amazing and always offers a true show of colors on the open and limitless horizon. The late afternoon show offered by the Pantanal dazzles all visitors and allows moments of extreme harmony with the environment. Tourists can contemplate the landscapes and peculiarities of the Pantanal since they arrive at that flooded plain. It is not strange to find fields full of cattle on the way, towards the beautiful and comfortable farm hotels and inns.

In addition to the beauty of this scenario, there is the historical and relevant work of the countryman in a group that guides the cattle. This whole overview indicates that the Pantanal Matogrossense is one of the most unique places in Brazil. Another attraction of the Pantanal is the photographic safaris. Usually, those tours are carried out in 4×4 cars or boats. The use of one or the other means of transport depends on the type of terrain and the proximity of rivers and tributaries.

Image Pantanal Yellow Water Lily Photo Susanne Jutzeler Schweiz

Photo/Credit: Susanne Jutzeler, Schweiz

These safaris are great for getting to know a good part of the animals that live in the Pantanal, since the land that houses those species is flat and has low and creeping vegetation. Some animals that love to appear on the visitors’ cameras are the giant anteaters, capuchin monkeys, tapirs and capybaras. The jaguar rarely appears, but when it shows itself to visitors, it leaves everyone enchanted by its beauty and grandeur.

This picturesque and captivating destination is quite peaceful. It is perfect for families who want to spend a good time together, enjoying stunning places and getting to know the wild nature. The trip is also suitable for couples who want peace and wide contact with the gorgeous landscape and, why not, even a magical energy to revitalize a relationship or marriage.

Pantanal Matogrossense is a kind of sanctuary. Contemplating the richness of fauna and flora becomes the best and most interesting option for visitors. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic place to meditate, get to know yourself and seek your well-being. Whether alone, with a lover or with the whole family.

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