By Lindenberg Junior

Image Paola Simao 2 Beauty e1697761144274The native Carioca and California lover is a professional bodyboarder with much love for radical sports and nature. When she is not in the water, she probably will be in the land or air looking for some adrenaline. She usually goes training at the beaches of Itacoatira, Conrado and Joatinga in Rio. But she sometimes stays in San Diego and Los Angeles, California, and travels often to Hawaii and Australia.

She started bodyboarding in 2000 while living in a place in Brazil which is the hub of bodyboarders. A long time ago, she had a boyfriend who was a pro bodyboarder and he gave her the first board. In the same year she decided to go to Hawaii to try to improve, and since then, she has never stopped. In Brazil, Paola has competed in the Rio state championship and participates in some stages of the Brazilian bodyboarding championship.

Paola went to Australia in 2005 to study English and improve her knowledge in and out of the sea. Her goal is to keep traveling and know better other cultures, and continue to promote the sport in Brazil and in the world, as well compete all the stages of the Bodyboard Brazilian circuit. Definitely, this girl who loves adrenaline and extreme sports, has the free spirit and the heart in the sea. To check her instagram go HERE.

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