canada 159585 960 720The government of Canada has announced  that will turn a bit more easy to Brazilian tourists get into the country starting May 2017. A statement posted at the Canadian Embassy in Brazil in the end of 2016 states that the government will exempt Brazilians who already have visas from the United States or those who have already held a temporary Canadian residency in the past ten years.
It will help a lot of Brazilians with intention to visit Canada and that already have the U.S Visa also go north without burocracy and only paying a small fee. They will only need am “Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), which can be ordered over the internet and cost $7. This authorization is electronically connected to the traveler passport and is valid for five years or until the passport expires, whichever occurs first. Brazilians who do not meet these two criteria still need a traveler’s visa.A


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