petropplis divulgacaoLocated 68 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro, at the top of the Serra da Estrela, is one of the favourite refuges spots of cariocas (cariocas is the name given to those who are born in Rio): Petrópolis.

D. Pedro II loved the mild climate of Petrópolis. So much that he ordered a palace to be built there as the summer residence of the imperial family. Hence the name given to the city, the words Petro (Peter) and Polis (City). Since then, the region gained notoriety and went on to develop infrastructure to receive heads of State, Ministers and nobles. Considered a must-see tourist attraction in the city, the Imperial Palace was transformed into the rich Museu Imperial.

You can’t leave the city center without first visiting the Palácio Rio Negro, dedicated to the memory of the Republic in the old imperial city, and the Palácio de Cristal, where the last slaves of Petrópolis were released. The latter is currently site of cultural events and exhibitions.

petropolis RJAnother high point of Petrópolis is the São Pedro de Alcântara Cathedral that houses a mausoleum containing the remains of D. Pedro II and Dona Teresa Cristina. Add to your visit the Museu Casa de Santos Dumont, an attraction dedicated to the history of aviation, and the guided tour through the Centro de Experiência Cervejeira.

The districts of Petrópolis have workshops for artists, antiquaries and art shops. Beautiful and luxurious guesthouses await you, to enjoy the city’s Cultural Heritage and the exuberant nature of the Mata Atlântica.

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**Source: Brazilian government

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