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Image Travel Praia de Pipa 1 e1702600596996One of the most famous beaches in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, is Pipa. This locale is without a doubt, a top destination! It attracts surfers, adventurers and adrenaline seekers, as well as national and international tourists in search of sun and sea.  It’s well situated with shops and nightlife. Located just 85 kilometers away from the capital, Natal, the beach is in the municipality of Tibau do Sul and undoubtedly has many charms.

Its fame increased starting in the 1970s when Pipa became a must do for “alternative” travelers (hippies and backpackers). From Brazilian’s to foreigners in search of adventure,  it was also a meeting point for the young people of Natal, Recife, João Pessoa, and Fortaleza.

On long weekends and holidays, the beach is crowded with young and beautiful people from various states in the northeastern region of Brazil. Due to its hip vibe, Pipa has gained the fame of being a beach with an exciting nightlife, without losing the charms of its natural beauty.

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Photo: Bjorn Christian Torrissen

There are cliffs, dunes, forests and natural pools from stretching north to south. There are also options of buggy and boat trips, handicraft fairs to visit. At dusk, you can witness a beautiful sunset while strolling around the city and visiting local restaurants. With the development of the tourism industry over the years, Pipa now has a boardwalk that is very well structured with shops and kiosks for all tastes. There you can enjoy exclusive services and a menu with snacks and regional foods for all budgets.

Investments were made, and infrastructure improved hotels, resorts, and inns. You can choose the most luxurious hotel or a simple hostel. There are several lodging options and entertainment choices to fit for various budgets and pockets.

The charm of “Praia do Amor” and the grace of “Praia do Madeiro” are other attractions that make Pipa a must-experience for tourists who come to the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Praia do Amor is a neighbor of Pipa, and those who visit are usually attracted by the waves and parties. It is common to see many surfers in the region, as well as extreme sports championships.

For those who like to party night and day, Praia do Amor will be a fantastic destination. Besides finding some picturesque quiet spots, it is good to keep in mind that parties are going on all the Image Travel Praia de Pipa 5 e1702600664800time. There are also sportmen always out and about,  and trendy people who hang with the “in-crowd”; there is certainly no shortage of exuberantly beautiful people!


Madeiro Beach, also known as Dolphin Beach, enchants you with its exuberant nature and natural habitat for dolphins, which can be seen mainly in the morning. The beach is beautiful, quiet and conducive to sports such as surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, kite surfing, and windsurfing. By having calm waves, the Madeiro sea is ideal for beginners to practice these sports. It’s also a good option for those who have children.

Overall, the best time to visit Pipa is from September to March as it hardly rains, and temperatures are high. The months of May and June are the rainiest. Anyway, the temperature is high all year round (average of 27˚C), and the average sea water temperature is 28˚C. Pipa is an exciting destination! Make sure to put it on your calendar as your next vacation.

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