By Laís Oliveira | Translation: Amanda Peter

asa2Hidden just few miles south of Itacaré, in South Bahia, Piracanga is the beautiful beach which hosts a super special community: the sustainable Piracanga Ecovillage project. The community was born from the dream of a group of people who wanted to live in harmony with nature, inside and outside, and now has people from over 20 nationalities.

The name “Piracanga” was given by its first inhabitants, and in Tupi means “Old Fire”, making reference to the many freshwater trails that flow calmly, parallel to the mangrove forest on the way to the sea. Situated between the towns of Itacaré and Maraú in an Ecological Sanctuary consisted of salt marshes and mangroves of the Atlantic Forest , Piracanga is one of those magical places that arouses admiration and unique sensations . Despite the spiritual side and the peaceful atmosphere that the place offers, it also held activities for those looking for eco-tourism and adventure, with special points for canoeing and stand up.

It was in this environment that a few years ago, eco-tourism has developed, from the opening of the Green Line. After the construction of this road, which connects all the sights of the Cocoa Coast, the place began to be prepared with touristic infrastructure with the construction of a Healing Center, an Ecovillage, and a community known as Piracanga Ecovillage.

eco_village_piracanga_105791This place became known because of the Piracanga Ecovillage and its proposal for sustainable living on site. The 21st century is surrounded by technology, unhealthy lifestyle, and busy life, however, every year this place welcomes new residents who are seeking for principles of fraternity, such as solidarity, generosity, collaboration, cooperation, respect, mutual support, a way to live in peace and harmony, and good energy. This type of community is a global trend, is less technological, and shares the concept of “sharing economy “in which people share goods, products and services.

The local community believes in the spiritual mission that the ecovillage provides: a place of evolution and constant growth without limits, where life in community and the respect for nature is the base for everything. At this space, people can discover through courses, seminars, and workshops, ways to work on their development and personal transformation individually and in groups.

In addition to the awakening of the human consciousness, the place has as one of its goals, the environmental preservation and the constant learning about the flora and fauna. This in the community means minimizing the use of resources and consumption, protecting the animals; taking care of your own waste, and being aware of the importance of water resource, using products and processes that are sustainable and ecologically friendly.

IMG 0640 750x500In Piracanga, all the electricity needed is provided by solar energy, because it’s clean and renewable. It ensures the operation of water pumps, electronic devices, and lighting for houses. The community houses and all the ecovillage in general, have autonomous systems, and have this energy source as the only one. The center has its own system with batteries, and uses diesel generators for operating heavy equipment and on cloudy days.

There is internet in Itacaré, so people can use computers, cell phones and some electronic devices, however with close attention and a lot of care to not overload the power, which is of community use, and to not use it unnecessarily. It is therefore requested that residents charge their electronic devices during the day, and don’t leave any light that is not being used on.

The Ecovillage has more than 40 houses in which more than 200 people of different nationalities live. If your focus is just to visit the place, you can stay in the community, and during your stay you’ll have the opportunity to meet village members, while respecting the private space of each family.

There is always what you do in Piracanga. The center offers a wide range of courses, workshops, and experiences. You can also try therapies in the Healing Space, volunteer for some of the local projects and take enjoy the food courts. Dances, sports, and music are also common there.

Image Piracanga EcoVillage 1

Part of the structure, for classes, at the Inkiri Piracanga Center

If you seek tranquility and relaxation, it certainly is the right destination for you. And if you are looking for a spiritual experience, the Ecovillage has a Holistic center dedicated to spirituality. Their goal is to inspire humanity to be happy, free, and able to realize their dreams, because residents believe that any change in the world must start from us.

For those who want to practice material detachment and live in an environment that values the collective consciousness in harmony with other people, nature and animals, this is the ideal place to live, or at least to experience. Bahia is known as the magic land and a tourist paradise, and Piracanga seems to be a magical place full of good vibrations!

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