mars 2051747 640After food and water, probably the most important place is the place where we live: our house. To have a house to live in is more than a necessity. It helps us integrate into society and constitutes our home.

To buy a house, or to build one, is one of the most serious investments that we will make in our lives. In addition to guaranteeing us a roof to live under, a house also serves as a meeting point for the family, and is transferable to our children and future generations.

The position of the planets in your birth chart can actually tell you when you’ll buy a house. Look at the section of your birth chart that represents the 4th House and see which planets are there. You’ll find either Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Ketu, the Moon, the Sun, or some combination of them. The planet (or planets) you find will determine when you’ll buy your property.

property 2955057 1920Mars in particular, controls real estate and buildings in general. Whenever one is entertaining the idea of purchasing property, it is worthwhile to look at the position of Mars in the skies. Purchases made under auspicious Mars energies have a greater chance of success.

If Mars is in the 4th House, you’ll buy a home that needs renovations in your forties. The best time to purchase property is when Ketu, a “shadow planet” south of the Moon, is aligned with Mars. Ketu will inspire you to be clever and creative about your purchasing decision, and you’ll feel more motivated to buy a house that will be really cheap but will also require a lot of work. By the end of your project, you’ll have the home of your dreams and feel proud of all that went into it.

Since Mars is a fiery planet, Ketu’s influence will guide your decision-making and inspire you to buy a brick house that can withstand fires. Mars also drives you to take on new challenges, so you’re likely to keep finding new ways to improve the house you buy.

Finally it is worth mentioning that Mars is the planet that gives stamina as far as a project is concerned. The payment of a house may take many years so, if you make your purchase when the energy of Mars is favorable, it is likely that you will find the energy to persevere with the payments until your house is completely paid off!

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