By Lindenberg Junior

nature 4202702 1280Despite increasingly frantic schedules, we spend a huge percentage of our lives in home. For most of us, it’s a haven from the outside world, and because that, we harbor some illusions that can be dangerous. The cumulative effect of pollutants in our living areas ought to be a groove concern.

Toxics glue hold down our synthetic pools and carpet. The paint of our walls is emitting gases. Our furniture is sprayed with fire-retardant, stain resistant chemicals, and dyed with even more chemicals. The many chemical fragrances from our hygiene and cleaning products are wafting through the house.

Taking some simple steps can make a huge difference. Initially, open the windows! In doing so you just saved your family from millions of contaminants floating around in your air and it didn’t cost a thing. When it does come time to building or remodel, take the time to educate yourself. Remember that in our modern era, much of our dirt is made up of toxics residues that come from our synthetic cleaning solutions. We should never have to suck down toxic fumes just to be convinced that the cleaners we used are effective.

When you are using chemicals that you know produce dangerous substances, you should always take special precautions. Just because you are in the “safety” of your own home doesn’t mean that these hazards can be taken light. In 2008, over 214,000 human exposures to household cleaning products were reported tom poison control centers in the U.S, with another over 10,000exposures to pets. Those who spend the most time in the home – the very young and the old as well the pregnancy women, are most susceptible to poisoning from householder cleaners. For centuries, humans around the globe have kept their homes sanitary without the beloved “blue solutions” and “powerful purple” product.

A simple solution you can adopt to protect yourself when cleaning is wear gloves. Instead using use aerosol freshening, use citrus scent placing lemon or orange essential oils into a spray bottle; lemon juice is an example of a natural and powerful cleaner and if you have an alkaline residue such as rust or water spots, the first approach to cleaning would be with an acidic solution, such as vinegar. Baking soda, cornstarch, club soda and salt are alkaline solutions that work well to clean acidic problems like body oil, food stains, and general dirt and grime.

Combine the cost to the environment and the health of your loves one with your out of the pocket expense and you will find ahead that you are just fine when using “green” cleaners instead of “blues” cleaners.

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