Image Black Lives MatterFirstly, we would like to remind you that, since we have started our journey to inform and, primarily, to educate, in June of 2002, exactly 18 years ago, we never had an interest in putting political discussion in our magazine. Our priority has always been culture, entertainment, tourism, health, fitness, the art of living, and interesting topics of our community in the U.S as well as the Americans in Brazil.

We would like to remember too that we are the Brazillian media in the U.S pioneer with the “go green” movement and that in our website menu there is a category named “Eco-Social”, in which one we include social responsibility and human rights discussions.

We keep not willing to enter at the political level. On the other hand, with the recent events involving the violent death of a black man in America, we desire to express our sadness and mourn about President Trump’s attitude. We are talking about George Floyd, cowardly suffocated and killed by cops on May 25th. Trump has been the only president in America’s history which, at a critical moment of various protests around the country, in a context of a pandemic and racial conflicts, doesn’t try (and doesn’t make the least effort) to unite the nation.

Image Racism is Not PatriotismOn June 3rd, his former defense secretary, James Mattis – which avoided criticizing the President since he renounced in 2019, sent out a condemnation concerning the Trump government’s answer to the protests. “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people – does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us”.

His critics, both from left to right spectral, were anxious to foresee his imminent political fall. Until now, of course, these critics are still unsure that this could happen. But it is becoming clear that Trump is passing through one of the worst, if not the worst, moments of his presidency.

ksksksThe former defense secretary also said “Trump is mocking our constitution”, referring to the idea of using the military to stop the protests. Human rights have been violated in the George Floyd case and the demonstrations (peaceful) by thousands of people asking for justice are valid. Soon after pressure by the numerous protests across the country, the four policemen involved in the case were dismissed from the police department and will face up criminal charges.

The disturbances and vandalism in the midst of protests have occurred due to a minority that has taken advantage of the situation to steal private property and vandalize public property. These acts of vandalism are repudiated by both, us and the majority of those who make the protests peacefully. The current government’s defense secretary, Mark Esper, said active-duty military troops should not be used to suppress protests. General Mark A. Milley, chief of staff, reminded commanders that the Constitution gives Americans the right to freedom expression and peaceful assembly.

Trump appears to be losing support, at least temporarily, from shifting voters. Two latest surveys showed that Joe Biden’s leadership on Trump rose to about 10 percentage points, up from just two or three points in March, as Nate Cohn, a political analyst at the NY Times, noted. These surveys are for all registered voters, and Trump is likely to lose, at least among likely voters. But a 10-point deficit is not a good one, and it could be a sign, as the elections take place a few months from now, in November 2020.

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