By Luana Elliott

model 3026201 960 720There is beauty everywhere; in people, things, buildings, art, in nature and on. According to the dictionary the definition of beauty is; “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the kind…”. WOW, profound right? Well, that must be the reason as to why humans are constantly pursuing the path to beauty.

Beautiful people are magnets, the attraction is undeniable. Beauty is powerful, persuasive, seductive and oozes confidence. Therefore the scenario wouldn’t be different, the human race has been obsessed with beauty since the beginning of time.

For the ancient Greeks, the hero was always considered beautiful. Often Greeks could spare an enemy if he impressed them with his beauty, with this quality representing a certain divinity. The Roman Admantius said “They had square faces, fine lips, straight noses and powerful eyes with powerful glittering gaze”, a perfect description relating beauty to symmetry.

The philosopher Plato also describes beauty as consisting of proportion and symmetry. He understood that the entire human-body works with geometrical precision calculated which is calibrated in exact fractions to create a perfect harmony and 863081 960 720 e1700094371636

In today`s day and age, the symmetries can be fixed with medical surgeries and esthetic procedures to achieve the related body’s symmetry which has been glorified since the ancient age. Every day a new technique or procedure is presented to society to correct “imperfections”. Let’s highlight the profitable cosmetic products, the magical elixir in little containers.

Body shaping and toning through physical exercises is an extremely effective way to achieve symmetry. Different modalities are two practiced in spas, gyms and studios. The best way to find the right modality for you is by talking to professionals about your personal goals and needs. The practice of physical exercises like weight training, pilates, yoga, dance, martial arts, cross fit and etc., do not only help to achieve the physical (symmetrical) beauty but the energetic beauty as well.

The Ancients called this energetic beauty the human aura. This field can be compared with grace, dharma, nirvana or chakra. Those who have an intense and vibrant aura carry the spiritual beauty, however, those who don’t have a good aura or good energetic field, may not be considered beautiful even if the body symmetry is close to perfect. As we already noted, “beautiful people are magnets, the attraction is undeniable” and we all know that people with bad energy repel others instead.

The world-leading authority on nutrition David Wolfe, wrote in his book: “Eating for beauty that natural beauty can be achieved by following a raw food plant based diet, in which, the organic and raw fruits, green leafs and vegetables can heal body illness, improve skin glow, improve hair look and promote weight loss. Actresses, singers, and stars all over the world follow this lifestyle and the results are stunning.

This is, without a doubt, the best practice of all to achieve beauty and the superstars know.In synergy with good habits and changes in lifestyle, beauty can be achieved and will remain in your life. It is important to stay disciplined. By the way, as Sophia Loren said “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes.” 

* Luana Elliot is a certified fitness personal trainer (NASM), experienced counselor in nutrition, Life coaching, owner of Lua Coaching and Healthy Gal Active Wear.

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